About me

Hey there! I’m Marcus.

I’m an avid outdoors enthusiast. I’m into ultralight backpacking, bikepacking, and fly fishing.


I’ve thru-hiked the Tahoe Rim Trail and the John Muir Trail, along with a ton of shorter trips around California and Colorado.

This blog is a way for me to share and document my trips. It’s a way for me to connect with others and inspire you to plan your next adventure.

I live in San Jose, CA with my wife and our Australian Shepherd. I’m originally from Finland.

I got my first real experience of hiking in the mountains when I moved to California. The nature was unbelievable. Completely different from what I had seen before. I was hooked. Since then I’ve got really into backpacking and exploring all the breathtaking nature we have in California.  I like to hike light and enjoy my time in the wild.

Happy trails!

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