NeoAir XLite feeling cold? Check the insulation

NeoAir XLite feeling cold? Check the insulation

As I was hanging up my gear to dry after my recent trip to Colorado, I happened to notice something odd with my XLite inflatable pad. The insulation was gone.

When looking at the pad against a light, I could see that the reflective insulation inside the pad had started to deteriorate. The reflective material is what gives the pad its relatively high R-value. Without it, the pad will feel much colder–something I noticed on the colder nights in Colorado.

top against light 1

I was in touch with Cascade Designs support about the issue and they promised to send me a replacement pad.

If you’ve also been sleeping cold on your NeoAir XLite, check it against a light to see if you have the same issue.

Have you run into the same issue? Let me know below, I’m interested to hear if it’s a one-off issue or something more widespread.

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